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ARCS 2017 - 30th International Conference on Architecture of Computing Systems
ARCS 2017

Travel Information

Conference Location

The ARCS 2017 will take place at TU Vienna, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and IT, Gußhausstr. 25-29, 1040 Vienna, Austria.

Travel Information

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By Air

From and To Vienna International Airport

The Vienna International Airport (VIE) is located in Schwechat about 20km to the south-east of Vienna. It is well served by major international airlines and the most conveniently located airport for a trip to Vienna from most parts in the world.

For continuing your travel to Vienna you can choose among several options differing in convenience and price.

Rapid transit train (the most economic option)

(PDF)Rapid transit line S7 connects the Vienna International Airport and the city center of Vienna every half an hour. A single ticket from the airport to any destination within Vienna is available for EUR 4.40 from ticket machines at the airport (and includes all changes to underground, tram, and bus in Vienna required to reach your final destination). Ticket machines are located next to and on the platform of the train station at the airport. Most usually you will travel from the airport to the train stop Vienna City Centre (Wien Mitte - Landstr), where you can change to underground line U4 and U3 depending on your final destination in Vienna. If you are directly going to the conference location, change to line U4 in the direction of Hütteldorf and exit at the second stop Karlsplatz. Leave the platform in the opposite direction of travel, turn to the right, and leave the station. You are in front of the main building of TU Vienna. Pass the building at the left hand side and walk along Karlsgasse. After 300m at the end of Karlsgasse you are in front of the building hosting the conference.

For more information, please, check out the homepage of Wiener Linien about public transport in Vienna, and the conference page about local information about Vienna.

City airport train (the stylish train option)

The City Airport Train (CAT) provides a 16 min. non-stop service between the airport and the train station Vienna City Centre (Wien Mitte - Landstr) every half an hour. Tickets can be purchased at ticket machines located near the platform of the train station at the airport and online. Tickets are available as one-way and return tickets optionally also including a single ticket or a ticket valid for 24h, 48h, and 72h for public transport service in Vienna. An up-to-date list of tickets and prices starting from EUR 11.00 is available here.

Long distance trains (few services)

Long distance trains connect (a few times a day) the airport and Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof). At Vienna Central Station you can change to underground line U1 providing you a fast connection to TU Vienna and the conference location. Exit either at Taubstummengasse (one stop) or at Karlsplatz (two stops). Both stops are within walking distance to the conference location with Taubstummengas even closer - leave the platform at Taubstummengasse in direction of travel, take the exit on the right hand side, and follow the sidewalk. After about 500m you will be in front of the building hosting the conference.

Busses (economic and comfortable)

There are several bus lines providing frequent services between the airport and several places in the city serving in total 14 coach stops. Regarding the conference location, the coach stop at Schwedenplatz is the most conveniently located one. Tickets and time-tables are available online. Full price one-way and return tickets are available for EUR 8.00 and EUR 13.00, respectively. Some discounts can apply. Please, check-out the homepage for details. At Schwedenplatz you can change to U1 and U4 for riding to Karlsplatz (both U1 and U4) and Taubstummengasse (U1 only). Follow the instructions given in the section on rapid transit trains to continue walking to the conference location. Note, however, that you have to leave the platform at the underground stop Taubstummengasse in the opposite direction of travel, when arriving from underground stop Schwedenplatz. The fare from Schwedenplatz to Karlsplatz or Taubstummengasse is EUR 2.20. Ticket machines are located in the underground station.

Limo services (flat rate services)

There are several companies offering a flat rate limo service from the airport to any place in Vienna, which can be booked online in advance. Rates are in a range of EUR 35 to EUR 40, e.g. Airport Driver and others.

Taxis (most individually)

A taxi ride from the airport to Vienna should start from around EUR 40.00, depending on your final destination, and the traffic situation.

From and To the Airport Bratislava

The Airport Bratislava (BTS) in Slovakia is only about 60 km away from Vienna. Several cheaper airlines prefer the Airport Bratislava over the Vienna International Airport. Some of them also offer tickets including a transfer from Bratislava to Vienna.

Busses (economic and convenient)

There is a bus service from Airport Bratislava to Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof). Tickets are available online (one way EUR 7.50; outward EUR 13.00. Travel time should be about 105 to 115 minutes. Follow the instructions given in the section on long distance trains to continue traveling to the conference location.

There is another bus service from Airport Bratislava to Erdberg in Vienna. In Erdberg you can change to underground line U3 in the direction of Ottakring exiting at (PDF)Wien Mitte-Landstr. Follow the instructions in the section on rapid transit trains on how to continue your ride to the conference location.

Trains (frequently and economic)

Last but not least, there are hourly train services connecting Bratislava Central Station and Vienna Central Station. Please, check out the homepages of the Austrian and Slowakian railway companies OeBB and SlovakRail, respectively, for details.

Boats (less frequently and economic but scenic)

A scenic alternative to traveling by bus or train to Vienna is by boat on the Danube if time allows. The travel time is about 90min. Please, check out the homepage of Twin City Liner for fast catamaran connections from Bratislava to Vienna.

By Train

Vienna Central Station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) is well connected by national and international long distance trains. Follow the instructions given in the section on long distance transit trains on how to continue your travel to the conference location.

By Bus

Several companies offer (international) bus services to Vienna. Check out, e.g., the homepage of Eurolines.

By Car

In Vienna there is no specific ban on driving to the city center (except of pedestrian zones). However, long-term parking in the city center is almost impossible. The entire area is short-term parking zone. You must fill in a prepaid parking voucher (Parkschein) for a maximum duration of 90 minutes, but you will still hardly find a free parking lot. Usually, there are free places in parking garages even in the city center, but long-term parking can be very expensive. It is much cheaper and even more convenient to use Park & Ride facilities in the outer districts of Vienna.

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LNCS Vol 10172

The proceedings of ARCS 2017 are published in the Springer Lecture Notes on Computer Science (LNCS) series, Vol 10172.


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Jens Knoop

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Languages
Compilers and Languages Group
Argentinierstr. 8
1040 Vienna, Austria

Tel.: ++43-1-58801-18510
Fax: ++43-1-58801-18598


The Conference is Around the CornerMar. 30, 2017
The conference program is complete now and available here including all social events, meeting points and times, and venue information. You can also download the complete Program Booklet here. Everything is now ready to welcome you to Vienna and the ARCS 2017.

Take a Look at the Con- ference ProgramFeb. 10, 2017
A preliminary program is now available online as well as some information about the social events.

Welcome to Vienna, Visitors of ARCS 2017Feb. 02, 2017
For travelling to Vienna some information can be found here. For your stay you can find some information about accommodation and, of course, sightseeing on the corresponding pages. Also, some information about the City of Vienna is available. Have a good time.

Join the ARCS 2017 Conference TodayJan. 26, 2017
The registration for conference and associated workshops is now open. Early registration rates apply until March 13, 2017.

Conference Workshops are AnnouncedDec. 05, 2016
The workshops within the ARCS 2017 conference are announced. We are looking forward to VERFE, SAOS, FORMUS3IC, and CompSpace.